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Seeking pure alpha

The source of potential managers is an extensive and complex universe comprising several thousand hedge funds.

Critical to our success is the process by which we narrow the universe down in a way which is consistent with the objectives of the portfolio and to maximise the efficiency of the resources required to find the managers delivering Pure Alpha. To achieve this efficiently it is vital that we have clarity of vision and a complete understanding of exactly what we are looking for.

We consider the profile of prospective funds according to three criteria:

Liquid versus Illiquid;
Strategies which we believe have a clear opportunity set; and
Persistently non-correlated investment strategies.

As shown below, it is the final subset of funds where these criteria overlap that defines the primary focus our research efforts.

That is where we seek Pure Alpha.

Talented selection skills based on over 29 years' experience
Diversification, liquidity and investment edge
Low-to-no correlation