Hilltop Fund Management LLP
Aston House
Cornwall Avenue
London N3 1LF
Tel: +44 (0)20 7788 7799
Email: info@hilltop.co.uk

Our investment approach

Hilltop’s distinctive investment approach enhances what we offer investors.

Our skills and procedures have been honed over many years through practical application and theoretical analysis. The resulting process is both efficient and effective.

Hilltop adopts a highly structured systematic screening process to identify underlying holdings with compelling investment theses that are uncorrelated to each other.

The lack of correlation has a stabilising effect on the consistency of the portfolio’s returns, reducing volatility whilst increasing risk-adjusted returns.

By combining this unique profile of hedge funds in an optimal portfolio of 15 – 25 holdings Hilltop’s investment strategy has achieved outstanding risk-adjusted performance regardless of how financial markets are faring over the past five years.



Skills and procedures honed over many years
Efficient use of resources
Structured screening techniques
Proven uncorrelated performance