Hilltop Fund Management LLP
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London N3 1LF
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Our background

Hilltop Fund Management ('Hilltop') is a London-based fund of hedge funds manager (‘FoHF’) providing commingled and bespoke products for its clients. The firm was launched in February 2009 by Rory Hills and Trevor Simon to provide an alternative approach to FoHF investing. Different from the mainstream, it has the specific intention of delivering uncorrelated, absolute returns in all environments.

Hilltop’s founding partner, Rory Hills, started in financial markets in 1986 and the common feature of his 29-year career has been the ongoing and detailed engagement with a wide range of fund managers employing a variety of investment strategies.

Hilltop believes that the rationale for good FoHFs remains compelling: specialist firms with experienced and talented staff, focused on building and then monitoring portfolios of alpha-producing hedge fund strategies, should add real value to generalist investors as a core part of a broader portfolio.

Following extensive research and analysis Hilltop has identified areas which it believes caused the majority of FoHFs to deliver returns that have not matched investors' expectations. Consequently Hilltop has adopted an investment strategy that aims to avoid the pitfalls experienced by the mainstream.

Hilltop's approach is characterised by an over-arching emphasis on finding Pure Alpha and managing the Portfolio's internal correlation and diversification levels to maintain the optimal balance of performance that is independent of market indices.

A commitment to performance analysis and a continual search for answers lies at the heart of the Hilltop investment process, driving the team to analyse the relative and absolute success of the strategic allocations and ensuring that Hilltop remains alert to the need for any changes.

At launch Hilltop believed a mix of CTA, Opportunistic, Alpha and Pure Alpha strategies would deliver the investment objectives outlined to investors. However subsequent analysis of the portfolios has shown the distinctive benefits of its Pure Alpha strategy and the dilution caused by the other strategies. This attribution analysis drove the decision that Hilltop should increase its Pure Alpha allocation to as close to 100% as possible. This evolution was completed in September 2011.

The company is a single stand-alone entity without parent or subsidiary entities, and operates solely from offices in London.

Hilltop Fund Management LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership registered in England and Wales with partnership number OC344441

The company does not conduct any business other than asset management.

Launched in February 2009
Aiming to be distinctly different
Searching for Pure Alpha