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Experienced leadership

Hilltop is run as a tightly knit team of seven staff supported by external consultancy and administrative assistance as required. All members of the firm play an important part in the research, management, due diligence and reporting processes. Hilltop believes strongly in treating clients’ fairly and no incentives are paid in relation to performance fees. Further hires are planned in due course in sales and operations.

Rory Hills   Rory Hills

Rory is the founder and CIO of Hilltop Fund Management, a firm which specialises in analysing and investing in hedge fund strategies delivering uncorrelated returns. The investment thesis and strategy behind Hilltop were a direct result of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, which validated Rory’s concerns over the ‘hedged’ rather than ‘absolute’ nature of the mainstream approach to building portfolios of hedge funds.

Prior to Hilltop, Rory spent seven years with Dexion Capital, a boutique investment bank focused on the alternative investment industry. Rory was a director of the firm from March 2005 to end-2008, where he managed the company’s Single Manager Marketing business.

Notably, from early 2006 through to departing Dexion in July 2009, Rory selected just nine funds for Dexion to represent to investors and all nine of these were up during the core credit crisis period of July 2007 through February 2009, four of them by more than 30%.

Rory started his career with Cazenove in 1986 and in his seven years at the firm worked in their New York, Singapore and London offices, engaged in equity research and institutional sales. He left Cazenove in 1994, joining Crosby Securities, going on to head up the firm’s London sales team in 1996 and, following Crosby’s acquisition and integration into SG Securities, this role expanded to encompass Head of Sales for all of SG’s emerging market equity operations in London.



Trevor Simon   Trevor Simon

Attracted by the opportunity explained by Rory Hills to offer an alternative to hedged rather than absolute returns in the mainstream FoHF industry, Trevor joined Rory (a former colleague) at Hilltop Fund Management. Prior to Hilltop, since mid-2002 Trevor has advised, structured and/or conducted strategic and commercial due diligence on more than twenty transactions in sectors including financial services, technology, media, art and collectibles, leisure, real estate and food and beverage, where the common theme was a transformational or leading-edge proposition. He began his career in the financial industry in 1995 in economic research at the World Markets Research Centre in London, and in 1997 joined Crosby Securities (an Asian equity brokerage purchased by Société Générale), initially in institutional sales and then moving into client strategy and management in early 1998, based in Hong Kong. In mid-1999 Trevor was appointed Head of Client Strategy and Systems for Société Générale’s equities division based in London and Paris, moving to Deutsche Bank in 2000 as Director and Global Head of Customer Strategy for the equities division, leaving in December 2001. He has an undergraduate degree in Management and Systems Science from City University and has been invited as Guest Lecturer to NYU, LBS, Wharton and Harvard universities on investment banking strategy and on art investment.

Laura Guinnane   Laura Guinnane

Laura joined Hilltop as Controller in February 2017 having worked in fund administration servicing Hilltop fund products since 2014. Laura graduated from National University of Ireland Galway with a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree in 2006 and qualified as a Chartered Accountant at Phelan Prescott + Co Dublin in 2010. In 2013 Laura moved to Gibraltar and began her career in fund accounting at HFFT Group becoming Fund Administration Manager prior to joining Hilltop. Laura was awarded the Advanced Certificate in Fund Administration and the Diploma in Fund Administration for Alternative Investment Funds, both with Distinction.